Barbecue Rescue was founded in 2005.

We’re all licensed gas technicians as governed by the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority). This is a law in Ontario that only licensed gas fitters are allowed to work on your barbecue in any way. Respectfully with our team of barbecue technicians we all work only within those parameters. This ensures your barbecue is safe and clean.

We’re a full service barbecue repair and cleaning company. We guarantee all our work and we are fully insured and compliant with all WSIB regulations.

Some of our notable customers include:

  • 24 Sussex, the Prime Minister’s Residence
  • The Governor General’s Residence
  • Stornoway, the Leader of the Opposition’s Residence
  • MacKenzie King Estate and Kingsmere, the Official Residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons

Through experience, we’ve established an effective method to comprehensively clean the cooking grates that don’t involve chemicals, water, steam machines, or grinders, which has proven to be very satisfactory to our clientele.