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All-in-one tune-up, safety-check and cleaning for a flat rate charge of $140.00.

How it works:

  • The technician(s) come to the house and take a few minutes to assess your barbecue grill making sure the key items work or not. This will determine what may need repair as they work through your tune-up process.
  • The tune-up process includes:
    • Removal and inspection of cooking grates, heat plates, burners, ignitors.
    • Additional removal and inspection of side burner(s) and rear rotisserie burner.
    • Gas flow test along with a leak test.
    • Thorough cleaning of the lower grill interior, drip pans, grease trays.
    • Mechanical & manual cleaning of heat plates, cooking grates with additional degreasing.
    • Exterior degreasing and polish.

We also can provide gas line installations, patio heater repair, gas fireplace installations, tune-ups and safety-check.